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The Virtual Campground wanted a series of blog posts on life as a solo full-time RVer, including some content marketing for an RV repair course.

Blog Content for The Virtual Campground

Content and copy have different rules.

Where copywriting should be focused, precise, and to-the-point (in other words, short), blog content is often long and comprehensive—partly to provide value, and partly because Google likes it that way.

Below, you’ll find a sample of a guest post I wrote for The Virtual Campground, written to tie into an RV repair course—but this isn’t sales copy. The intention is to foster an interest and engagement around RV repair, rather than to actively sell the course. The sales job is done on other pages on the site.

Sarah is a wonderful writer with a strong sense of timelines. She has a great personality that makes it easy to work with her and discuss projects. Her professional tone and writing style make her a good resource for many writing projects.

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Debra Conway Benton

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