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Every Day Agent is an in-depth, value-packed course for real estate agents looking to up their game. This Mini Course was the perfect place to start—for free.

Lead Magnet for Every Day Agent

What’s a lead magnet, you ask?

To use Alex Hormozi’s definition, a lead magnet is a complete solution to a narrow problem. It’s a free offer you extend to online strangers as the first step toward building trust with them. It’s how you demonstrate that you have value to offer before anyone has to open their wallet.

And it’s the first step to converting cold leads into enthusiastic buyers.

In this case, our lead magnet was a Mini Course delivered via email to give agents-in-training a taste of what they could expect from the Every Day Agent Academy. It did double-duty as both a lead magnet and email series to encourage engagement from formerly-cold leads.

Sarah is a wonderful writer with a strong sense of timelines. She has a great personality that makes it easy to work with her.

photo of Debra
Debra Conway Benton

If we’d known what we would get out of the copywriting process and how proud of the final result we would be, we’d have hired Sarah a long time ago.

photo of DBI team
Stephanie & Ran

Sarah has been an absolute treasure to me and my business. She took the time to not only understand what I needed, but went above and beyond to research my industry. She exceeded my expectations in every way.

photo of Whitney
Whitney Eichenberger Ellis

When you know what you want to say but don’t know where to start, Sarah makes it happen! I’ve already typed this and deleted it… Read more “When you know what you want to say but don’t know where to start, Sarah makes it happen”

Emi Tringali

Sarah would be the first person I would recommend to anyone looking to enhance or create copy for a website. If I only had one word to describe Sarah, it would be amazing!

photo of Michelle
Michelle Kersman

Thank you Sarah for getting things right the first time. Never had that with any writer I’ve worked with.

photo of Pete
Pete Van Neste

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